Priyadarshini Park is known as Priyadarshini Park and Sport Complex. If visitors want to enjoy the along with fresh air and sun, then this is the perfect option for them. It is situated on Nepean Sea road. It has spread itself into 20 acres of beautiful green land which you give you good experience about nature. Being as sport complex, it has designed 400 meter eight lanes into Olympic standard track along with having four tennis courts. It is also having Gym facility where person will come across with standard and latest equipment for workouts.

This park is developed by senior advocate who is the former minister of Maharashtra and MLA for 25 years is Sri.B.A Desai. He has performed the main role in developing this park which is famous today. It is a kind of national institution who main motive is to provide excellence in different fields. The motive of this trust to promote sports activities in new and in the old generation. This park is also having an artificial beach where you will find couples of people enjoying walking in the evening along with taking the cool experience of nature with fresh air. Children also enjoy sand pit by making their sand houses along with enjoying with beach toys.

Priyadarshini Park is also concerned about the health issues in person. For that they are providing fresh juices along with health drinks, which may be taken by good health. You will come across with such kinds of person who are selling wheat juices outside the park. They have the refreshment centre which sells coconut water and free cold drinking water from their e-boiling water system.

Visitors who want to take their pets with them are also allowed in this park, but they have special timings for that which includes 7.30 am to 9.00 am. Children can also cycle in the park but it can also be done from 9.00 am till 11.00 am. Entry to this park is free it is open from 5.00 am till 9.00 pm and any one can enter into the park and enjoy the beautiful areas along with getting new experience in sports activities. Visitors will not come across with any kind of hoarding or advertisement board nor are they having any clock which helps the visitors to see time.

Thus, this is the best place which can be enjoyed by children, adults and old any time as they don’t have to pay any entry fees for same. Children who love sports activities can enjoy their sports also as it is especially designed for all age groups. For more information’s you can easily visit the website for same. When it comes to the choice of family outings this place has to top the list for sure as it is situated on the Nepean Sea road. It has a large open area and one thing which deserves a special mention is that the park is clean and well maintained. The sunset and view of the rising sun is something which you can hardly give a miss.

It happens to be a lovely place if you need some degree of peace of mind. The breeze will take you to another world and you will keep on looking at the waves for hours.