Most people across the globe think about heading to Goa just for having a relaxing time near the beaches and get in the groove while enjoying drinks in the bar. Besides, some love to explore the cultural heritage of this state. In the point of fact, Goa was a Portuguese state for more than 450 years, until 1961 when the Indian government decided to undertake a military operation to get it back. This long era of Portuguese livelihood has left a prevalent heritage, from architecture to food. All this you can experience provided you plan your stay in 4-star resort in North Goa.

If you wish to have an added dose of culture, here is the list of some places in Goa that you must visit:

Meander through old Goa

The uninhibited town of Old Goa dates back to the 15th century when it was unearthed by monarchs of the Bijapur Sultanate. Their existence spanned from southern Maharashtra to northern Karnataka, and it was their second capital, after Bijapur.

Nevertheless, all that relics of the kingdom today is the ruined arrival to the fortress. After the Portuguese taken over the town in 1510, it became their center of operations and really thrived. They constructed numerous churches and monasteries, which were acknowledged as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. The most famous ones are Se Cathedral, the Basilica of Bom Jesus, and the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi. While your stay in 4-star resort in North Goa, you can get the feel of the past glory of this state by visiting these places.

Latin Quarters

A series of spates, including the plague, triggered the Portuguese to immediately evacuate Old Goa in the late 18th century and move their head office to Panjim. The area identified as Fontainhas was urbanized into a well-off residential zone for monarchs and bureaucrats. At the moment, it’s famous for its multi-colored ancient Portuguese homes, belonging to the last alive Portuguese kinfolks of Goa. Fontainhas was pronounced as a UNESCO Heritage Zone in 1984 and it’s a perfectly impressive place to spend some time. Other attractions include boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants.

Wonderful Old Portuguese Mansions

There are numerous of Old Portuguese mansions in the Latin Quarter, but the most magnificent and impressive ones can be found in the South Goa. Well, these homes which are centuries old still subsisted by generations of the original possessors. The interesting fact is that some of them are even open for public display. While your visit to Goa, make sure you go and explore Chandor (the Braganza House), Loutolim (Casa Araujo Alvares) and Quepem (Palacio do Deao).

Reis Magos Fort

No doubt there are numerous of forts in Goa but Reis Magos Fort is the ancient one. This fort has been restored in 2008 by the late Mario Miranda, an adored cartoonist from Loutolim in Goa. It was made open for public visit in the year 2012 and has a gallery exhibiting his piece of artwork. Mario’s cartoons are basically centered on day to day life in Goa and Mumbai, and they are actually amusing. While your stay in luxurious 4 star resort in North Goa, you should take out a day and visit this fort.

Are you planning to visit Goa? If so, then make sure you visit these abovementioned places.