There are some cities in the world which are known as the oldest living cities. They are called so because it is believed that these cities have remained occupied and inhabited by humans, since the time of its conception. Cadiz in Spain and Thebes in Greece are some such cities. Varanasi too falls under this list of being one of the oldest cities in the world!

So, if you want to visit a place that is steeped in cultural heritage and stills retains the signs of being one of the oldest civilizations of this earth, then you ought to visit Varanasi at least once. Today you will find various 5 star hotels in Varanasi and hence finding just the right accommodation will not be a problem at all, here. Here are some facts that you ought to know about this age-old city, before you head out to visit it:

Varanasi one of the oldest cities in the world

  1. Varanasi is steeped in cultural heritage. It was once revered as the main site of learning for Hindu philosophy. Great sages and philosophers used to come from far and wide to widen their purview of knowledge in this great seat of learning. Patanjali who wrote Ayurveda and Tulisdas, the composer of the RamcharitManas are said to have practised their writing at Varanasi.
  2. The most attractive feature of Varanasi is the river Ganga and the ghats that line it. Most of these ghats have a definite mythological narrative behind its conception. The most famous of all the ghats in Varanasi is DashashwamedhaGhat. It is said that Brahma had conducted anashwamedha yoga and the horses had come and finally landed at this place, thus marking it as one of the most holy spots in the country. The ManikarnikaGhat, which is just a few ghats away from the DashashwamedhaGhat is believed to be the place that symbolizes the cycle of life and death and any Hind who is cremated here will attain freedom from this tedious cycle.
  3. Get hold of a catalogue of Varanasi from the India hotel Varanasi to get to know more about the stories attached with the conception of this city. Some tales suggest that this city was built by Brahma himself as the earthly abode of Shiva and his consort Parvati. It is said that Brahma had himself welcomed Shiva to his earthly abode at the Dashashwamedhaghat and it was specifically built for this welcome.
  4. When it comes to the name of this city, it is said that it was called so, since the city was located at the confluence of the two mighty rivers- Varuna and Assi. Though both these two rivers have dried out, the name remains. The AssiGhat is called so, since there is believed to be a little stream of the great water bodies still remaining at this place.
  5. Mention of Varanasi or Kashi as it was called before, is found in the two Indian epics, especially the Mahabharata hence signifying how old this city actually is!

Want to visit one of the oldest living cities in the world? Then pack your bags and head out for Varanasi, today!